Gulf Shores, Alabama - August, 2009


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Gulf Shores, AL

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For our end-of-summer trip this year we went to the beach.  We stopped off in Mississippi on the way to Alabama for a night and we stayed in Louisiana for a night on the way back, but the rest of the time we were in an Alabama State Park about 3 minutes from the beach.  The kids had a blast.  Other than swimming and playing on the beach, we did a bunch of other neat things like a dolphin cruise, visiting the USS Alabama, going to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola and seeing the Blue Angels practice for free.


The beach and such...

"The Beach-Beach Dance"             "The Beach Glow"

"Uh, I don't how I got wet"               "Escaping from the stress of beginning 3rd grade"

"Cowabunga"                                  "Cowabunga, again"

"Dad, can we get a beach?"         "Grant, the hardy Sea Explorer"



The USS Alabama, the Naval Aviation Museum, and The Blue Angels.  The Blue Angels were intense and impressive.  As they were pulling 6 or 7 G's, I found myself thinking "I wonder if boxers or briefs are better."  Turns out, for Lt. Amy Tomlinson, it was a moot point.  Also, in the picture below of four planes with 2 upside down, you can see the person in the rear seat of the upside down plane at the top of the picture raising their arms.  When I blew the photo up, you can see that they are actually taking a picture!

"The 3 Guns"           "The USS Alabama"           "Dead-Eye Reagan"

Reagan next to one of Reagan's Marine One Helicopters

"RUNNNNNN!!!!!"           "Check"            "Check Check"

Clowning around           "Hang on, Mom!"




... is all I can say.

Notice the top, upside down plane, rear seat.      "Now Say 'Cheese!'"


Camping, family and the dolphin cruise

"...and that, Audrey, is why the Fed is going to have to raise interest rates."

  "The Asylum, revisited"          "Pop and Grammy, too"

"The highly efficient set-up crew"     "Dad sings and everyone leaves, hummm..."

"Cap'n Grant"

"Gators?! Nuh-uh."           "Yeah-huh!"

"Is he someone famous?" or "It's a sad day when you look at a picture of yourself and think 'How'd that picture of my Dad get in there?'"