Spring Break in Arkansas with our "Lake House"


Road Trip 2012

The Running Fool

40 at 40 Fundraiser

Gulf Shores, AL

The Lake House in Arkansas

RV Trip to NM

FUMC Bike Trip to Fredericksburg


After our great RV trip to New Mexico last year, Kristi and I decided to buy a travel trailer.  One of her friends has taken to calling it "The Lake House," so that's what we call it, too.  The reasons to get one were numerous, but the main one was that the kids are getting old very quickly and Kristi and I are really beginning to realize how our time with them is limited.  We had some reservations about buying it, but now that it's over I can honestly say that it is the best money I have ever spent.  We had a blast.

For me, Arkansas always seemed like 200 boring and monotonous miles of Interstate 30 west of Little Rock that seemed to take so long to get through on my way back from Indiana.  I can remember when I first moved down here, I-30 in Arkansas was where I first saw the signs that say "Bridge may ice in cold weather."  I can remember thinking that people in Arkansas must really be dense if they have to have signs to tell them that!  When we were planning the trip, I told Kristi "If I hear banjo music out in the woods, we're outta there.  I ain't gonna be no Ned Beatty."

But, I was wrong.  It isn't boring.  It has some beautiful areas.  We stayed in Little Rock the first night, then after I ran the marathon in the morning we headed out.  We stayed in three different state parks and saw three very different types of terrain... rolling hills, mountains and even a swamp.  The people were all very friendly.  The only music we heard came from my guitar, and I imagine it scared a few people.  "Suuueeyyy!" 

The only complaint I have is that they should have named "Little Rock" "Big Hill."  (See The Running Fool.)


The Lake House worked out well with the four bunks in the back and the queen bed up front.  It is very spacious.

  The Lake House, or "The Transfiguration of Grant"

Breakfast at the asylum

  Jacks or better to open


Any trip involves some serious goofing off...

  "This ain't lookin' too good, Ma.  The boy ain't gittin' no water."

  Roscoe P. Isbell

  In Search of a Hobbit

  Found the Hobbits

  "Dad was always such a dork."

  Now be serious!

  Lil G Hippy Hop needs to get a jobby-job


Some exploring...

  Intrepid Explorers

  Sidetracked Explorers

   "I know that trailer is around here somewhere."


Of course, in camping there is a certain connection with nature.




  My kids...        and, her kids... 


Finally, why I had such a good time.